Twitter Friends Widget / v2.0 /


Plugin supports many arguments. All arguments are optional except for your Twitter username!
Option Description Default value
debug Set debug to 1 while you test to display errors, then remove it when you done. 0
username your Twitter username!
friends by default set to 0 to load followers. set it to 1 to load friends (whom you follow) 0
width You can set width of widget container in pixels, Or set 0 for auto width. 0
Friends/Followers Pictures
users_max Twitter will return your latest 100 Followers/Friends or less. you can choose to show a smaller number of pictures (ex: 80). 20
users_height Set the height of pictures container to something like 100 pixels, to prevent flickering while pictures are added. Or set 0 for auto. 0
users_random Set this to 1 to select random subset of the returned pictures each time the widget is loaded. 0
users_reverse Set this to 1 to reverse the order of pictures returned. 0
users_loaded Callback function to execute after pictures was loaded and inserted in widget. null
loop loop pictures animation or not. set it to 1 to loop or 0 to disable. 0
user_link by default, friends pictures will link to their Twitter profile. your can link it to their homepage by setting this to 1. 0
user_image Pictures are 48×48 pixels. you can scale it down to 32 pixels for example. 48
user_name Set this to 0 to hide name of the user. 1
user_animate Customize picture entry animation type. available values are ‘width’, ‘height’, ‘opacity’. Setting this empty string , will disable animating users pictures and display them at once. ‘opacity’
user_change Entry transition time of a picture in milliseconds. 100
user_swap Time in milliseconds to wait before animating pictures again. This delay is used only when tweets are disabled. otherwise swapping happens after tweets animation ends. 2000
user_append By default friends picture is added by the end of pictures list. to insert picture at the beginning of list set this to 0 1
Profile Header
header Set this to 0 to disable showing profile header. 1
header_height Set the height of profile container to something like 60 pixels, or set 0 for auto. 0
header_loaded Callback function to execute after header was loaded and inserted in widget. null

By default, widget will display your name and picture as in demos, but you can customize by setting this option with HTML template.HTML code may contain any of these optional variables which will be replaced with actual values. _tp_: Twitter profile Link. _ti_: Twitter picture. _ts_: your Twitter username. _tn_ : your name. _fo_ : followers count. _fr_: friends count.

Default template: <a href=”_tp_” target=”_blank” align=”left”> <img src=”_ti_” border=”0″ /> <em>_tn_</em> <var><i></i>Follow @_ts_</var> <dfn>_fo_ followers</dfn> </a>

Friends’ Tweets
tweet Set this to 1 to display friends’ tweets at widget footer. Tweets will also appear as a tool tip when hovering on a friend picture. 0
tweet_height You can set the height of tweet container to something like 60 pixels, to prevent flickering while tweets are animated. Or set 0 for auto. 0
tweet_avatar Set to 0 to hide user picture in tweets. 1
tweet_author Show tweet author name or not. you might set it to 0 to hide the author name. 1
tweet_date Show tweet date or not. set it to 0 to hide. 1
tweet_image by default tweet avatar image is 48×48. You may scale it down by setting it to something like 32 48
tweet_stay Time in milliseconds for a tweet to be shown. 5000
tweet_change Tweet transition time in milliseconds. 200
tweet_animate What to animate for tweet transition. by default is set to ‘opacity’ to fade tweets in.possible values are ‘opacity’, ‘height’, ‘width’, ‘fontSize’, ‘lineHeight’. (case-sensitive) ‘opacity’